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Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren'Py. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck.)
The game is currently in alpha and is in active development, and while primarily text based there is character art for many of the lovely ladies in game.
Erotic content contained within is primarily vanilla, M/F, femdom, and of course monster girls.

In Monster Girl Dreams you play as a male adventurer, freshly graduated from the adventuring school, Adventum!
Now you must venture across the home continent of the monster girls, Lucidia, in an attempt to get rich, or get fucked into submission trying. Also defeat the Demon Queen. Maybe.

At the start of the game you create your character and define their combat stats and weaknesses in a point buy system, and must choose at least one fetish for the monster girls to exploit with their temptations.
Gameplay functions similar to many standard turn based rpg games, but you utilize numerous sex techniques to defeat your female opponents, all while not trying to give into the enticing pleasures they offer.

Monster girls will have an array of status effects and temptations to throw at you, as well as the ability to put you into multiple sexual stances. They will probably also use their numbers to pin you down and fuck you silly!

But you'll be able to get the edge of your opposition by leveling up and choosing perks to help define your play style as well as equipping various items to boost your sexual powers even further, or to help make up for a weakness.
Or you could just say screw that, running forward without any planning, and get ravished into unconsciousness by the lewd monster girls.

You can also spend time getting immersed in the games whimsical setting and (usually) upbeat tone as you get to know some of the monster girls.
They might even hold your hand instead of trying to fuck you silly.

If you want to support the game on a consistent basis, feel free to check out the game's Patreon or Subscribestar!

Other internet locations to follow the game's progress!

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Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(1,371 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withClip Studio Paint, Ren'Py
TagsErotic, femdom, monster-girl, Ren'Py, Text based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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MonGirlDreams-Alpha-v25.9Tov25.9b-PatchData.zip 12 MB
monstergirldreams.program-2592.apk 729 MB

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GenericRXAA-AA!608 is Trojan virus? XD

any idea when the next update will be?

can someone help me out with the install i clicked the button and got the file then tried extract all, but like i thought it just copied the file


Has there been any kind of information about what can we expect to see at the Capital, once it gets more fleshed out? I do like surprises, but I'm starved for content. I wouldn't mind seeing the likes of Shizu in a more… casual setting.


Se não me engano vai ter 3 sub-áreas. Uma dungeon, um cassino e a área principal de avanço.



Someone can give me a discord server link because link here is not working

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By far the best game I've played on itch.io, mostly cuz it's like my 5th ever game but I digress.

Hope to see more updates in the future, I'm hungry for more content 👍

(Also, you guys had ABSOLUTELY NO rights to make the soundtrack of the game such a banger, unironically listening to it in my free time)


Is there more content with the sheepgirl maid? I really like her


Regrettably, no, but you can surrender in the s pose or other, and you will get something new.

Ancilla best girl fr

You can install mods and there be further content

how do i beat dark peuputa


If you want to go for her with random build, then you need to have high lvl and use some tricks. 

It's just me, but I used Many items and Cheated just to get past her. I just saved before her every attack/roll on any afliction and just brut-force till I won

If you want to do it properly, you have to lvl up via mimic-exp-farm or any other way you like and respect for semi-glass canon  build with lots of crit. (Since at this fight you have some free turns before turd get real) 

Tl:Dr If you don't wanna do her proper way just cheat the hell of this battle with tons of saves and you good to go. 

what lv u had when u foght her

60-70'ish if i recall

Now im 134, so i hope i will be able to pass next boss challenge when Treshold throws one.

You dont need that much, i will explain.

I have gone random with lvl 50 something a lot of perks and a lot ton of saves using the as pose and then repeat power up and strong thrust while you save before you use the move and load that save over and over again until you get a crit and in 3 to 4 hits you can win but you will be stack for hours if your unlucky.... like me, and im a sore loser 😑. Oh, and sorry for my bad english.😅

i spammed manticore spikes on her i used 12 it stacks the damage

aphrodisiac + stall is always an option if your willpower is high enough

basically spam aphrodisiac + healing

Where can I find BedChan?


If i member corectly, she's somewhere in the kotone trial, i guess third one before you fight....ugh that snow lady that like in the ass but never letting you in coz of kimono.....forgot her name. 

Tl:Dr Blue room trial and before last fight you have a chanse to sleep in "comfy" bed. That's ya Bed-chan for ya

How do we update on mobile? I don't wanna lose my current saves

No worries m8 just download the last file, and after finishing, press it, and it will say an update instead of installing.

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I have a soft spot for lowbrow schlock with a lot of heart, and man, this is it. Effort was made so that the girls feel more like characters and like vapid outlets for the audience's id. Even the random encounters have a little more to them than similar games, and that's even more evident the girls you can get to know.

This game feels like a labor of love and I cannot recommend it enough. I wish Threshold the best of luck.

How do I beat shizu in the trial double door section?? Her clones just keep respawing, I probably over looked some instruction or am too dumb to figure it out

(1 edit)

Use "Analyze" to discover the real Shizu and focus on her, she has better stats than her clones,

I'm to the part in the Labrynth with the purple snake lady (forgot her name) and the fight seems unfair, am I missing something? 

If you try to do the labirynth and you have problem with lady-snake-but-werewolf-wanna-be, then you can just cheat her fights by saving before atempting to flee. If you have decent lvl going in, it should let you win easy. 

( If they patched and now you can't flee from those battles then welp. You gotta go grind some lvls boyo)

For that I propose self-made trips with tons of mimics and some proper Demon (s)Layer. 


Uma dica: usa Arousara/Arousara Orb. A original é resistente a magia.


Can I play this game on Joiplay?


Supostamente sim, mas no meu caso eu não consigo e não sei o motivo.

(1 edit) (-1)

Mais alguém tem problemas pra jogar as novas versões no JoiPlay? Estou com as últimas atualizações mas o jogo dá um um erro sempre que tento abrir.

For some reason despite having all four ingredients, having looked at every page in Venefica's Diary and having the unmarked bar I can't give them to Elly to continue the quest.


Sei que é uma pergunta besta, mas você tentou entregar eles durante a noite?

Did anyone else play this game weird like i did i loaded in and just started grinding because i wanted to be really strong so i just kinda farmed up to the mountain and just started doing like a triangle farming circle because i liked the way the stats worked i made sure to do the forest quest over and over again to make sure i got enough gold to buy stuff but i mean but since i was kinda going for a wizard build i just didnt really buy much of anything 

i just hit the caverns and im level 166 (i found out the mimics are great for leveling this high)

anyway i got my wizard build online with that cool staff you get and im pretty much one shotting everything now i dunno why farming in this game is so fun has anyone else done this looking forward to continuing the game may get all the perks and 100 in each skill first before i continue tho not sure really enjoying the characters i have met so far great game looking forward to continuing my playthrough :)

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I feel the exact same way. encounters never get old and there is always something new to discover [ I'm lv 216]


I really like this game, Ive played through it twice, Once when Labyrinth was the end of the content. And once when unlocking slime village was the end.

As much as I wanna see the new content, I find the thought I Grinding to get there again exhausting. I don't have the technical skills to install mods on mobile, and think Alot of people would agree a Ingame Cheat menu would raise replayability for alot of people.

Its just my thoughts, keep doing your thing bro. Its a Great game and I probably will just bite the bullet and redo my playthrough (after a few more updates so the new content is worth the grinding Lmao)

Your suggestion is good, but maybe like a button that gives you the exp/eros for a certain area like. Making you lv 5 when you enter forest dungeon and giving you like 1.5k eros


Hm. Can't you keep a copy of your saves?


Anyway to remove Venefica's milking pet perk? Just noticed the drawbacks it has, but big fan of the game loved it for years still loving it now. 


É permanente.


Ah figures, well Venefica is worth the debuffs, thanks. 

Guys please try to make cheats for Android version my hard work data is gone when i mistakenly deleted the game now i have to start over completely 😢

I hope some one read this comment and help me 😊

The game is fun tho

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Hey, is there a way I can read back in this game? At every other RenPy games I could use a mouse wheel, but here it doesn't work.


Maybe unpopular opinion, but I dont think the new Nicci spite is better, artsyle doesnt seem in line with the rest of the game


I agree, it makes some of the other artwork in the game seem inadequate or outdated by comparison. 

How do you beat Dark Perpetua when you enter capital


manticore spikes


Manticore spikes are not a necessaty. Just defeat her with magic - this is the only “honest” strategy that does not require a manticore spike-cheese. And yea, don't even try to survive through heal - it's a waste of time really. She increases damage the longer you fight with her.

And you will have to be a little higher in level than her for a “fair” fight. Otherwise, she will simply crush you.

Well, another viable strategy I used is an all strength and willpower build. I used the sex move that stun her every three turns and just kinda went on repeat with a few recovery items for mana/health. I also had the equipment that basically triples your health with the right stats

Counter point, 50 allure and skillfully passionate kiss and you shit stomp encounter

Can someone tell me who is lovol and where to find her please 

She's the night shift receptionist at the Capital.

is there any ingame cheats for android or something like save file editing

Can someone give me a discord link?

Does anyone know how to alter your ero/money count in the game files?

No, but there is a mod called "dirty cheats done for free" that can give you inf money,exp and items

(1 edit)

Okay so for those who are on Android using a save edit file through searching for a solution I found it this is not my method credits to lilly_cat on Reddit for this so you go to the save file location of the game then find the security_keys.text now click on it or open it it should look like this now what you have to do is delete everything but leave out the signing key and verification key and now load your save file again and it should work

(1 edit)

To access the save file location for those who don't know yet you just have to go to main storage click android then data and find the monster girl dream game file and for those who are playing on Android 12 or above I recommend downloading a file manager to access the data since android 12 locks you out of it hope you have a great time

Bro it ain't working in my game the single key is too short 

Sorry for late reply you have to play the game first and try to load the save then the verification key will appear

ohhhh thx for the reply tho it ment a lot

How to install mods tho?

Deleted 33 days ago
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Okay I've sent you a friend request sorry for late reply btw my name in discord is sophie#3963


Is there any way to transfer data somehow? Like, transfer the data from mobile to pc, or vice versa?


Two words. They cooked


Keep up the amazing work!


So... Does that mean we can expect 26.0 in March-April?

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I have a Idea for a mod for this game but it will only be for a few girls and that is probably going to involve a certain type of ring (if you know what I mean good on you mate.)


hmm idk.

Not sure if Lord of the rings will fit the atmosphere of the game.


He obviously was talking about captain planets, planetary rings duh.


not that type of ring it is more for mates to be forever bound.

Anyone have the link to that new "An Unassuming Shrine" mod? I click it and Discord won't load it. 


I've been able to download it from the Discord Post.





any idea when the next update will drop?

Deleted 46 days ago

Air headed

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how to buy items and skills on android I like can’t find the button


Tap and hold is what works for me


I need more of Vili in this game she is so damn adorable


I don't know how to say this, but I want Venefica to watch Willy Wonka.

Deleted 35 days ago

how do i take off the save token? im using save editor and i cant use the edited save. it says "Your RenPy version have some save protection, to disable find this file \renpy\savetoken.py and replace if token_dir is None: by if True:"

Save editing seems to have too many issues to be worth it. People who want to cheat usually just use the console, it's easier.

how do I do that on Android? 

I dunno, I only know how it works on windows. And considering that the guide for that on the wiki involves game file editing, I don't think it's applicable for android.

You could ask on the discord, you probably get faster answers there.

hey, i THINK i know what its asking i will reply to this reply if it worked or not, if it does work i will explain how to do it

ok what i tried to do didnt work BUT it did do something. . . . .i was trying to change the resistances and found what i think the spot was it had the numbers but the numbers on the game side didnt change and so i went back to the save editor and when i got to the area where the things should have been werent there anymore i dunno where they went but the thing is it did work kinda, so what i did was searched up 'file \renpy\savetoken.py' in the search file thing which goes thru the file i searched it up where the game launcher is then open the one thats titled 'savetoken.py not the one that has a 'o' at the end open this file in notepad then hit crtl+f which opens a search menu thing and type in 'if token_dir is None:' which will send u to that area then replace 'if token_dir is None:' with 'if True:' then save the notepad file and then u can open the save editor thing and be able to open he save, but again what should have happened didnt work for me but im not a code expert and what i did might not have been the thing i should have tried to edit to get what i wanted

hmm found what happened to those things i edited :| but its not effecting what i wanted it to effect

oh oops ur on adroid, this might be useless i dont know u might as well try to the best of ur ability

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