v23.9 changelog

#V23.9 Change Log

**Remember to update your save in town square.**


* All of Stella's original content has been gone over and revised. She is the bag mimic. In case you forgot.

* Walking past Stella is no longer always a safe option, and she has new lewd scenes.

* Revised how Stella's temptations are handled when you do pick her up. It is no longer a flat willpower requirement.

* You can take Stella with you, this only allows doing her scenes in your room at this time.

* Indulging too much in Stella's 'service' may have some 'detriments'...

* A bevvy of new content for Selena has been added, and you can now ask to remove her perk, written by Valentin Cognito.


* Mimics and Bag Mimic event have been split into two separate events.


* Vili now has revised art by Otani. She now has 2 new expressions, and a nude variant.

* Vili now has 2 bust sizes you can toggle between either when you first meet her, at the start of her challenge, or in her room.

* Vili tits close up now appears in her Puff Puff Parlor event scene like it was supposed to.

* Stella (the bag mimic) now has art by ADOPOLICH.

* Sofia now has a nude ver for her laid back form. Art by Jiffic. (Not currently used.)

* Sofia now has an Ass focus shot for both of her forms which is used in some of her existing scenes.


* Increased Unbridled Passion's stat requirement to 40 Allure from 20. And Lovers Pasion to 20 from 10.

**Balancing -The following changes have been done to boost early game progression by a decent measure.**

* Lowered the following perks level requirements (Level, not stats): Unbridled Passion(40->20), Ass Handler(20->10), Ass Connoisseur(40->20), Breast Lover(20->10), Breast Expert(40->20), Domineering(40->20), Expert Pacing(40->20), Expert Tongue(20->10), Intimate Lover(20->10), Pussy Lover(40->20), Pussy Pleasurer(20->10), Resistance Training 3(40->20), Resistance Training 2(20->10), Sadistic(20->10), Sensual Lover(40->20), Sex Expert(20->10), Sex Master(40->20), Spiritual Ocean(60->30), Spiritual Reserves(20->10), Spiritual Reservoirs(40->20), Steady Pacing(20->10), Unbounded(20->0)    

* You now get 1 extra perk at lvl 5, 2 at lvl 10, and 2 at lvl 20.(Retroactively given to older saves.)

* Upon Leveling up you now get 3 stat points, up from 2. (Retroactively given to older saves.)

* Giving a free respec ticket to older saves.


* Fixed a new line not occurring in one of the ghost orgasm lines.

* Slightly increased history log spacing.

* Fixed typos and editing things.

* Fixed RequiresLessProgress and RequiresLessProgressFromEvent for menu option calls activating if it equaled the number given as well, instead of being less than the number given.

* Fixed RemoveStatusEffect crashing if used to specify a buff or debuff instead of a normal status effect.

* Fixed issues with InverseRequirement had with RequiresItem and RequiresItemEquipped when displaying what the item was.

* Harpies can no longer sit on your face while making out with you.

* Fixed Aiko not getting naked in her cuddle scene with bed-chan at a certain point.

* Fixed typos and editing things.


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Jul 31, 2021
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Jul 31, 2021
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Jul 31, 2021

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Stella was like the worst character in the game before this update. No art, scant content, and interacting with her in any meaningful way was a game over. This is a very large improvement.

Deleted 1 year ago

You can't do it the first time you meet her. For me, the option became available after she had sent me back one time.


Oh my god Threshold you have given me too much power. My lv 209 character has literally got max stats now. Only a matter of time before i have (almost) all perks too.


Damn!! Level 209!!!

I thought my level 107 was too overpowered for current content, literally able to manhandle any character, even Sofia at her full power.

You sir/ma'am have me totally humbled.

I could 2 shot last phase Sofia earlier, but now i cna just 1 shot her lol. Makes exp farming super easy.

Well, apparently the bonus perks and stats given to old saves...

Well they don't stay.

Meaning, as soon as I load in the save, and apply the stats and perks, even after overwriting the previous save, if I load up the save again, all the applied new stats and perks will be undone.

Basically as if I never applied any of the bonuses I got.

Not sure if everyone is going through this problem, but at least for me it happens, also, I'm on Android so I downloaded the APK version.

Just move somewhere else and then save. That worked for me.